About Sam’s Night (formerly Sam’s Day)

Sam’s Story:

Sam's Night

To his friends, Sam Killian is an outgoing and fun guy.  He’s never met a stranger and loves to talk.  When he was younger, he loved to run and play his brothers and sister. Many people couldn’t tell that he had Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Duchenne), a degenerative disease that will cause the muscles throughout his body to break down over time. Now 15 and starting high school, the progressive muscle disease has started to impact his life more and more. Sam uses an electric wheelchair at school and whenever he will be going long distances on foot, and he finds it harder and harder to use steps and even to climb in and out of the car. He is literally in a race against time, trying to keep his muscles from wasting away.

When Sam was diagnosed with Duchenne, in 2005, his family looked everywhere for an organization that could help them make sense of this disease and hopefully help find better treatments and eventually a cure – they found Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD).  PPMD was organized in 1994 by a group of parents with children with muscular dystrophy and is led by Pat Furlong.  Pat’s fight against Duchenne is motivated by her two boys, Christopher and Patrick, who died from Duchenne in 1995.  The organization is totally dedicated to Duchenne and has been a leader in funding research and lobbying lawmakers to dedicate resources to the fight against Duchenne.

Sam’s Family Fun Day was started as a way to help educate others about Duchenne, and to help raise funds to support PPMD’s research mission. After 10 years as a fun family event, we’ve decided to change Sam’s Day to Sam’s Night. But the mission is still the same – to End Duchenne!

Sam’s Night 2017 at Gables Park 17.

Sam’s Night is an opportunity to help raise funds to benefit the research programs of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy and to help people of all ages learn about Duchenne muscular dystrophy and living with disabilities. Our goal is to help give kids with Duchenne muscular dystrophy a chance to do the things that kids are supposed to do.

Sam’s Day was started in 2005 by friends of Sam Killian.  Since 2005, Sam’s Day has raised over $1.2 million, all of which has gone directly to funding a cure for Duchenne. With your support, we are having an impact on this disease, and how it affects the 150,000 boys around the world with Duchenne MD.

Please visit our fundraising page: http://www.ParentProjectMD.org/SamsNight2017